a case of the tuesdays

Hey I am tired…so to get the writing done for the day, I’m afraid I’ll be subjecting you to just a bit of rambling. Nothing too lengthy. Nothing even approaching profound. Nothing intended to make you think or wonder. Just idle thoughts on the day.

Tuesdays have become my least favorite day of the week. In fact, I have grown to feel so strongly about this, that I don’t even bother calling it Tuesday anymore… “Second Monday” feels more appropriate. Because if there is any day tougher than actual Monday, it would have to be Second Monday, right?

I think the problem is that Tuesday lacks Monday’s adrenaline. On Monday, I approach the day well rested and ready to go. Sure I’d prefer that it were still the weekend, but on actual Monday, I’m willing to accept the dare of optimism for the fresh start a new week brings. On actual Monday, reality doesn’t set in until near the end of the day when I finally have a moment to realize the weight the week has the potential to hold. On actual Monday, fatigue only looms like a shadow in the distance but doesn’t creep up and settle in until the day is nearly done.

On Tuesday, however, the day commences in exhaustion. And when you can no longer consume caffeine because of persistent vertigo, that exhaustion can be difficult to overcome. So despite being a morning person, I enter the day in a bit of a fog and at a disadvantage as a result.

I do recognize that this dilemma would resolve itself with proper self care and even more with a better attitude. I also realize that just a couple of blogs ago I preached that typically, we can make our days better if we just decide to push through and find the positives. (I’m considering amending that rule as Tuesdays appear to be the exception.) I suppose I’m human, you know, and I can own that some days are better than others. And I can also say that I’m not judging all Tuesdays…though my most recent ones fit into this stereotype I’ve created. No, in spite of it all, I’m actually eternally in search of a Tuesday that surprises me and gifts me with all the goodness a day can hold.

However, until that time, the work week starts like this: Actual Monday followed by Second Monday.

(Day 31😁)

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